Academic Illuminati Mug

Academic Illuminati Mug

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Did you know that academics are all part of a worldwide conspiracy to take over the world?

I know we can’t even agree on a citation system between ourselves, but that doesn’t mean the academic Illuminati wasn’t announced at a meeting you missed.

This mug features the text, ‘Grand Order of Academic Illuminati: Official Member’ and an Eye of Providence style logo printed on both sides.

This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe but we do recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the printing.

This mug is individually printed to order for you.

At Academugs, all our items are printed to order. 

This means your order will usually ship in between one and five working days after ordering. Estimated shipping times after your order has been fulfilled can be found here.

Our mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Images are printed on to a special coating on our mugs so hand washing will prolong the life of the printing.

The ongoing COVID pandemic and Brexit has placed an unprecedented demand on all carrier services. This has had an impact on delivery times we cannot control. 

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